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Custom Order Inquiry

Fully booked through 6/30/2023. Orders open June 1st for July-December 2023. Please use the "Contact Me" form for custom printed corporate orders or wedding requests of 6 dozen+.

Custom hand-piped cookies have a minimum of two dozen for standard size (3-4") and three dozen for minis (1.5-2"). Hand-piped customs can range from $70-$100+/dozen depending on many factors. Custom printed cookies are available starting at $60/dozen with a one dozen minimum.


All cookies will be our Classic Vanilla.

Please note that I will not copy another cookiers designs and photos will only be used for inspiration. Copyrighted images will not be printed without explicit permission. Final designs will be determined by Sarah to ensure cohesiveness of a set.


Cookies will be individually heat sealed for freshness. They will remain soft for roughly 7-10 days if properly stored.
Alternate packaging may be requested and will incur additional cost.

Due to Tennessee Cottage Food Laws, we are unable to ship. Orders can be picked up in Hendersonville near Creekwood Marina. Exact address will be provided on the invoice. Delivery can be arranged for a fee. 

All orders require a minimum of 2 weeks notice before the due date. 4-6 weeks notice will help ensure availability. See Terms and Conditions below for details.

Please allow 1-2 business days for a response.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. Once a deposit is made, you are booked and added to the calendar.

Currently closed for
hand-piped customs.
Please check back June 1st

Terms and Conditions

All bookings are dependent on availability.

Allergy warning: Products are made with love in my home kitchen that is not inspected by the state. Known allergens may be present, including milk, eggs, wheat, and nuts. While these cookies do not contain nuts, they are made in a shared kitchen. I do my best to avoid cross contamination, but cannot guarantee they are safe for those with an extreme allergy.

Payment: Bookings are confirmed once a payment is received in-full unless otherwise noted. Payment Options currently are Venmo and Square. Details are provided in the quote. 9.25% sales tax will be added to all orders. Invoices will be cancelled after 72 hours of non payment. Cancelled invoices may incur a 10% reinvoicing fee.

Rush Orders: Bookings made within 2 weeks will incur a rush fee.

Packaging Upgrades: Additional fees may be incurred for additional packaging requests.

Cancellation Policy: Refund or store credit for full amount of order is available up to 4 weeks prior to pickup date. a 50% refund may be given if cancelled two weeks prior to pickup.*No refunds for no shows but an alternate pickup date can be arranged if communicated*

Colors: Color match is not guaranteed due to factors outside of my control. Color palettes will be matched as closely as possible but different lighting may affect the appearance. 

Storage: Heat sealed cookies remain fresh for 7-10 days at room temperature. Cookies may be frozen in an airtight container for up to 3 months. Cookies must be thawed in the airtight container for 3-4 hours or until they reach room temperature. DO NOT OPEN container early as condensation may royal icing design (cookies will still be delicious)


Pickup: Porch pickup is offered for flexibility. Orders not picked up within the given window may sit out for an extended period of time. Please notify if alternate pickup needs to be arranged. If you'd prefer a direct hand off of cookies, please let me know when we schedule pickup! 


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