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Custom Order Inquiry

Fully booked for hand-piped sugar cookies through December 2023. Limited availability for macarons and other nibbles. Ordering form will open for 2024 on January 1st. Please note bespoke sugar cookie availability is limited due to holidays and markets.  


Please read policies prior to filling out this form. Hand-piped custom sugar cookies start at $66/dozen for full size and $24/dozen for minis. Gluten-friendly sugar cookies are available for an additional $10/order (additional fee for large gluten free orders). Please refer to the pricing guide under menus to find the option that works best for your vision and budget.


Order minimums:

 Sugar cookies *All sugar cookies will be our Classic Vanilla*

  • Full Size-Two (2) dozen

  • Minis-Three (3) dozen

  • Printed-One (1) dozen


 Macarons/Drop Cookies

  • One (1) dozen/flavor

Please allow 1-2 business days for a response.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. Once a deposit is made, you are booked and added to the calendar.

FILLING OUT ORDER FORM DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOUR ORDER. Details are confirmed via email after an inquire is received. Payment is required to reserve date,

Order form currently closed 

The order form is closed for hand-piped sugar cookies for 2023. 

For macaron, gourmet cookie, or custom printed orders, please email Availability is limited.

What treat(s) can I bake you?
Thanks for reaching out!
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